The Snail Factory

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The Snail Factory

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Snail Factory author Ari Bach is a member of a little known religion called the Neokhlysty, a reincarnation of a Russian Orthodox deviant sect that once believed if you failed to sin in life then Jesus died for nothing. The new sect has a few strange beliefs but none are so bizarre as their holiest sacrament.

Alliteration such as that in the title of this episode is the duty of every Neokhlystic male (Women are required to rhyme). Also required is the devourment of their dead elders and the murder of anyone wearing purple, but the alliteration bit is the one relevant to the title of this episode.

To part with the holy words of the Neokhlysty, "НИКОГДА НЕ ПОПАСТЬ В ГЛЯДЕЛКИ С КОШКОЙ"