The Snail Factory


The Snail Factory

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When only 6 of the "Peruvian Pomatia" sold, Elliot ordered extreme measures to recoup the loss. First, the cafeteria began serving Slloppy Joes three times a day on weekdays and meaty Llasagna on weekends. Soon after, the factory began manufacturing and selling organic gllue and processed llard.

Needless to say, this incurred the wrath of the Llama God, Llakshmi. First she struck Lluis the Llama-monger with llightning, then several factory workers came down with Lleprosy. Many of them had to be llet go or llaid off, and the factory's lloses grew exponentialllly.

Suffice to say, after some time the Factory recovered and Dr. Breign llearned his llesson. Or so Elliot thought until the incident with the Dik-Dik Dealer from Durban.