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16th Anniversary & Terror Chasm is Coming

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16th Anniversary & Terror Chasm is Coming-

I concluded last year's anniversary post by saying of our upcoming game Terror Chasm- "As time goes on we will be, step-by-step, allowing more and more people to try the game and exposing more of it's menacing form to the wider public as our creation lurks closer to release. Until then, keep watching and paying attention, because this THING is coming."

Well, as predicted, we will be releasing the first publicly available version of the game this very month! It will be an alpha-demo that anyone will be able to download and play for free. This version of the suspenseful horror platformer will be single player, as the game is still in development and it will be a little while before we implement multiplayer functionality into it.

While this is definitely not the full or completed game, we will be releasing 100 different levels for gamers to try and play through. This should give everyone at least a very basic idea of what we've been working on and hint at what the final version of the game will be like. It also allows us to demonstrate the power of our A.I. driven, procedurally generated level system that we have specifically designed and made for this game. Because we can so easily create new levels at the touch of a button, giving away 100 of them is no big deal for us (we can always make more).

And although we are giving a lot of gameplay away, this is still just a sample of what is to come. The final game will not only have more playable characters, but an even greater variety of levels, traps, puzzles, platforming challenges and types of monster plant attacks. Basically, the final version of Terror Chasm will have everything that this alpha version has, but expanded.

All of the essential elements are in there now, but the completed game will have more and greater variety of everything. It should be a really awesome experience for the player. We hope that you will join us and try out this new alpha demo when it is released, and share and spread this piece of dark fun that we are creating for you!

- False Prophet