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Well, I hope you're happy. We have now compromised any shred of integrity that we might have possessed (it's actually a relief; we don't have to concern ourselves with that anymore). Initially, the idea was to keep this site clear of ads (except for our own in-house ones of course) in order to maintain a certain degree of desirable aesthetic. However, this proved to be less than profitable. So now we're truly selling out. What's the difference between this and what we've been doing so far? This is the first thing that we're putting on the site that's here only for purposes of making money. Everything that was here before these extremely clickable, pay per click ads, was here because we liked it and genuinely wanted it here. This is a landmark day for Twisted Jenius, because we are now honest to evil sellouts.

Although we have been claiming this for some time, this is the first time since the site launched that we have been able to backup our claims of being royal sellouts. Our greed has now surpassed our standards of quality for this site. Such decisions can only do to aid us along the ever winding boulevard of true villainy. For the time being, I will try to restrict the placement of these tantalizing, click ads to the less predominant places on our site. It will be argued that this is not the best strategy for monetization, but I still have some standards for our creepy and sinister aesthetic (for now) and I prefer to at least keep the tops of most of our pages free of such clutter. Maintaining the kind of strange, ominous or even somewhat lonely look of some of the pages on the site is important to me and, as I've said before, I enjoy spending time on this site as much as anyone.

Perhaps, one day Twisted Jenius will be rid of these enticing little ads and rely completely on our own dark entertainment products, the way I intended it. The collection of villainesque entertainment on this site will continue to grow, as will the sales of our uniquely enviable posters and other future products. But, for now, I'll leave you with an entire page dedicated to those delicious little click ads that I kept talking about, because that's just the kind of guy I am; enjoy!

- False Prophet