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17th Anniversary & Terror Chasm Demo Trailer

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17th Anniversary & Terror Chasm Demo Trailer-

It's time once again for the anniversary, and Twisted Jenius has now officially been around for 17 years! This last year was spent preparing for the long-awaited release of the alpha demo for Terror Chasm. It's taken us awhile to set everything up and prepare for this unleashing of the free version of our most ambitious game project to date. But I think it will be worth it, and we can't wait for you to try it out!

Releasing the free demo is of course just another step in our larger strategy to publicize the game and build some excitement for the full release of Terror Chasm, which will likely take at least a couple more years. However, we want everyone to know about the game and to provide you with a small sample of the endless suspense that is to come. You know that we're always building towards something (it's just a part of the whole villainous scheming thing that we do). For now, we're gifting you with the first official trailer for the game. Enjoy!

- False Prophet