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Here at Twisted Jenius, we not only strive to improve our products but, as with any evil business, we are concerned with our advertising as well (we call this page Sell Out for a reason). Lately I've been thinking about the advertising implications and uses of color. Now, for the most part I'm very pleased with the colors that I've chosen for our various page layouts and I wouldn't want to change them (I am actually extremely happy with the general look of this site, as it's not likely to be confused with many others). However, it has occur to me (and yes, this is fairly well known in advertising) that the color red can have a positive impact on sales as it tends to more readily catch the eye and excite the mind than most other colors do. After considering this (as well as many other ideas and options), I've decided to change the small text flanking the tops and bottoms of each of our poster ads to bright red, as opposed to the darker colors which they have been thus far.

This decision should not have any adverse affects on our overall color scheme, due to the fact that it's so relatively minor (and we do use the color as a regular part of this site's palette anyway). But it should call more attention to the original Twisted Jenius posters and therefore perhaps generate a few more sales. Another thing to note is that the main site content will now be using css files almost exclusively; as opposed to the styles being specified in html like they have been up to this point. Practicing the dark crafts of evil advertising and sinister site optimization may not always be easy, but in the end, nothing worthwhile is.

- False Prophet