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I would say that one of the most often overlooked features of this site is our desktop wallpapers in the comics section. This is a shame (they're the only desktop images that we use on our own computers here at the asylum). I would encourage anyone who finds Twisted Jenius imagery appealing, to try one of our wallpapers out for size (and yes, of course they're free). As the person who created these images, I'm proud of them all, but I have to admit that some of them do tend to make better wallpaper than others and some are just better art (I created them at different times, and as you can tell from looking at the Villains & Heroes comics, my work has been steadily improving).

I would now like to tell you which four of these wallpapers that I use most frequently on my own desktop; taking into consideration both aesthetic and practical function (I tend to keep my desktop icons to the left of my screen). The one that I probably use them most is "Modern Day Moriarty", under the Product Wallpapers section. This is probably the darkest wallpaper that we have and I find it helps me to focus while working (plus, let's face it, I just like things dark!). The next two are "Thing O' Wickedness" and "Mr. Cain" character themed wallpapers which will be found in the Villains & Heroes Wallpapers section. I find that the colors and layout of these two in particular serve my needs very well. Of course this is just my opinion and I encourage you to try some of the other characters out and see how you like them.

Lastly, we have "Random Evil" under our Twisted Jenius Wallpapers section. I was originally just working on this picture for fun, but afterwards decided to make it into a desktop image. The critter in this image is loosely based on this Nyarlathotep Plush by ToyVault (and yes I have one). Somehow I doubt that Mr. Lovecraft ever imagined just how toyetic his is literary menagerie of cosmic horrors could be.

- False Prophet