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This is the second installment of what will become a semi regular feature on our sellout page. "Sell Out Copy" will be our way of communicating to you some of the internal goings on and thought processes here at the asylum (something which has been conspicuously lacking on the site up until this point). The reason I am doing this here (as opposed to, let's say, the Evil Rant page) is because I don't want to compromise the established themes of our other content at with this sort of thing. Basically, we're going to be really breaking the fourth wall with this one. Think of this as a fan communiqué, as opposed to our more direct entertainment related content.

As we have stated in one of our earlier announcements, we are currently working on a very large project and, although I cannot give you any details on it right now, I do have every reason to believe that it's something which you're going to enjoy. Compared to most of our current content, it's pretty big! However, due to limited resources we have not been able to update quite is much as we would like. You will be receiving a new rant in the next couple of weeks and damned if it isn't a big one (quite literally about five times longer than most of my evil rants!) which is another reason why we haven't updated those as frequently lately. I will try to keep you a little more well informed about what's going on via this new Sell Out Copy section; assuming there's anything of interest to tell, of course (translation: if I don't update, that means I got nothing). I may also give you an occasional glimpse into some of the inner psychological lurkings that go on behind the scenes here at Twisted Jenius; if you keep your eyes open.

- False Prophet