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Comical Cartoon Villains

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Comical Cartoon Villains-

As you know, I love cartoons. I also love weird humor. So it should go without saying that I like humorous animation that features Super Villains. Here are three of my all time favorite cartoons that can be placed in this category.

The first series that comes to mind is The Tick. I remember getting up early Saturday mornings to watch it when it played on Fox, during its original run. The Tick is a hilarious series and the villains are even more over the top than the heroes. The Tick is the first piece of work in which I recall ever seeing the notion of a superhero/villain lifestyle being explored in this way (I liked the idea of that group of heroes, just hanging out in a diner, in full costume; casually chatting). In a strange way, The Tick is one of the earliest of the many inspirations that led to Twisted Jenius. I should also add that the title of each Villains & Heroes comic ("someone" versus "someone" else) is a little homage to the title of each Tick episode.

Next on the list is Freakazoid; another very funny superhero show with equally entertaining villains. This show featured some very witty and outrageous humor. And aside from being very enjoyable, it also lays claim to the distinction of introducing one of my favorite words to the public at large: "Toyetic". I just love sleazy marketing and media terms like that.

Finally, we have a late comer to the cannon of cartoon villainy; The Venture Bros. This series features a variety of interesting villains and even an organization, a kind of super villain union, called "The Guild of Calamitous Intent". The Venture Bros. is very edgy, surprisingly complex and has a lot of dry humor. It airs on Cartoon Network's [adult swim] block; check it out! Of course there are many other cartoon villains; but these just happen to be some of my favorites.

- False Prophet