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SomethingLikEvil Interview

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SomethingLikEvil Interview-

You may remember that in October, I was interviewed by Napalm Nick on his blog. This was a very fun experience. Now Nick has interviewed another friend of mine, who often goes by that name SomethingLikEvil. I think that you'll find this interview to be a very interesting read.

Now, you may be asking yourself "why are you linking us to this article when it has nothing to do you?" Well, as side from plugging my friend's site, the person that he's interviewing is going to be releasing a book soon and this book (The Devil's Soapbox) is a project that I was able help with. You see, yours truly edited and created the cover art for this tome. I will be providing more information about The Devil's Soapbox, in future Sell Out Copies.

I'm going to leave you with a link to SomethingLikEvil's rather fun blog. It is called Jake's House and, appropriately enough, features tales of the exploits of "Jake", a nice young man who just happens to be a serial killer; enjoy!

- False Prophet