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Tell me, who's feeling nostalgic tonight? Recently, my associate Vicious introduced me to the Internet Wayback Machine. Upon hearing about this, my immediate reaction was "we need to look up EvilPeople, Inc." Although intended as humor, EvilPeople, Inc. was very inspirational to me early on. It had been years since I'd seen this site and I was pleased to reminisce. Chock full of sinister content, I recall a much younger (and admittedly, much less focused) version of me looking at this site and thinking "wow, I wish there were real companies that were so blatantly and unapologetically dark and evil; that's what I'd like to do for a living"! Strange, that was over ten years ago (1997). Well, sometimes dastardly dreams really can come true and I think we can safely say that EvilPeople, Inc. must have helped to make an impression; based on the sorts of activities which I'm currently engaged in right now.

In fact, I considered EvilPeople, Inc. to be such a notable influence on what would become Twisted Jenius, that I included it among the Villainesque Links even though the site was down and it didn't even have an actual link! Well, for any of you who were not fortunate enough to see this site in its prime, we're now including the link to the Wayback Machine archive for this site in our Villainesque Links section. You will find this link in the paragraph under EvilPeople, Inc., the last entry within the humor category. I suggest that any aspiring villains out there go and check this out. EvilPeople, Inc. may not have tried to be as realistic or practical or made as much sense as we do here at Twisted Jenius (yeah, I know...), but damned if it wasn't a lot of fun!

- False Prophet