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It's a Lovecraftian X-Mas!

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It's a Lovecraftian X-Mas!-

'Tis the season for unfathomable horrors from beyond! No, I'm not talking about having to spend unbearable amounts of time desperately trying to avoid being in the same room with your rotten relatives who decided to fly into town based on some sickening notion of family togetherness. I'm talking about the bizarre and yet oddly gratifying connection between the Great Old Ones and the holidays. I'll be your guide as we take a look at some choice examples of the unholy integration of these two, very different, religious-based traditions.

First, we will need some proper ornamentation. ThinkGeek has some Cthulu Holiday Decorations which will serve this purpose nicely. In addition, CafePress offers even more HP Lovecraft Ornaments.

Of course, we'll also need something to put on our door in order to let everyone know that our home is a lair of Yule-tide terrors. This stylish Cthulhu Plush Christmas Wreath by Toy Vault, should help to make a great first impression.

But what will we hang from our fireplace? Why, a stocking shaped like a tentacle, of course! And you can have all of that and more with the H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society's An Unbearably Scary Solstice Combo.

I know what you're thinking; you want some cards to send to those annoying "loved ones" of your's. Well, Arkham Bazaar has you covered with their Shoggoth Tree Christmas Cards.

We will also need some traditional children's poetry to recite. I recommend A Lovecraft Christmas. And finally, a seasonal story to get us all in the holiday spirit. I'm a big fan of The Last Christmas by the two man team of Penny Arcade, a personal favorite.

There. Now you should have everything you need to inject your own dark, occult flavor into an otherwise wholesome, though perhaps overly commercial, holiday. And are you in need of wrapping paper? Perhaps the pages of a forbidden, accursed tome will do.

- False Prophet