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Valhalla eBook

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Valhalla eBook-

Valhalla, the premier novel by our very own Snail Factory creator Ari Bach, is now available as an eBook! It's truly an entertaining read and I highly recommend it. Here's a synopsis:

The year is 2230 and of the millions of people crowding northern Scotland, there are none so aimless as Violet MacRae. In a world where war has gone obsolete and only brilliant minds are valued, she's emerging into adulthood with more brawn than brains and a propensity for violence. People might dismiss her as a relic, but world peace is more fragile than they know. Only an underground of outcasts just like Violet keep it from falling apart. Valhalla is the story of her induction into that underground, where she'll learn the craft and face genetically enhanced criminals, traitors from within and more. A story of action and spycraft, futuristic settings and weaponry, romance and satirical wit; you should really read it!

The eBook is available through Amazon and Lulu. Go have a look!

- False Prophet