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Earlier this week, the webcomic Odd-Fish featured a guest strip by none other than the artist who is also responsible for Twisted Jenius's own regular webcomic, The Snail Factory.

Odd-Fish is an enjoyably strange online comic starring an Octopus named Lovecraft and a Puffer-fish named Howard. It also features many other undersea occupants, eccentric marine life and their entertaining and sometimes bizarre adventures. The comic's humor ranges from using very basic puns, to witty pop culture references, to surprisingly intelligent jokes pertaining to marine biology and even a fair bit of dark comedy (and you know how we like that!).

It's also worth noting that the art is pretty sharp looking as well. The comic's creator, NobbyNobody, does a pretty good job with everything and it has a reasonably good sized archives section for you to go through; and even a book. Go check it out! But watch out for the zebras.

- False Prophet