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Gyps Fulvus, a talented musician and friend of the site has just released Invocations; a follow-up to his 2010 CD Nocturnes For Nightmares. This newest work provides a harsher, more action oriented and intense listening experience than his previous album. It uses more guitars and faster song tempos; leading to a grittier, in-your-face style of sound.

Continuing with the Gyps Fulvus theme, this new offering is designed to guide the listener on an even deeper, darker journey into the unknown dimensions of the mind. It still contains elements of the kind of haunting atmosphere that we've come to expect from this artist.

Invocations contains 12 tracks, including a four part, 30 minute opus titled "Walpurgisnacht". Here is the track listing:

  1. Eclipse (Solar)
  2. Neurokinesis
  3. The Veil of Zorya
  4. Lascivious Malice
  5. Masochistic Foreplay
  6. A Call to Ishtar
  7. Eclipse (Lunar)
  8. Walpurgisnacht, I
  9. Walpurgisnacht, II
  10. Walpurgisnacht, III
  11. Walpurgisnacht, IV
  12. Empathy

Invocations is available at Amazon and iTunes to download, or you can grab yourself a physical copy of the CD at CDBABY.

Now even more music to perfectly spoil a good night's sleep!

- False Prophet