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Dark Musings Are Coming

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Dark Musings Are Coming-

Twisted Jenius is beginning a new series that we call Dark Musings. It's a daily dark humor blog that will feature various clever, evil and villainous thoughts, with themes that are often inspired by popular proverbs and sayings. Unlike the Evil Rants, Dark Musings are not intended to be very serious most of the time, and are much more geared towards entertainment value (though true villains out there may find some of the content to be deviously evil-affirming). Among other things, one of the inspirations for the basic premise of this series was Saturday Night Lives' classic Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey skits. Another major inspiration was the humor blog facts I just made up (which you should definitely go check out).

The goal of Dark Musings is to be able to deliver a regular supply of Twisted Jenius content while we're working on some of our larger projects (such as our upcoming horror video game Reptile Zoo: The Sinister Mutation). Hopefully the somewhat sinister view of the world that this new series presents, will serve to entertain, slightly disturb and possibly even inspire you.

You can follow the Musings on Twisted Jenius's official twitter and tumblr pages. Or you can just come to and see many of them in advance!

- False Prophet