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15 Years & Terror Chasm Blogs

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15 Years & Terror Chasm Blogs-

It's Twisted Jenius's 15 year anniversary! This year has been very productive and despite the lack of developer blog updates (or perhaps because of them, from a time/management standpoint), we have gotten a lot done on our current obsessive gaming project known as Terror Chasm.

This suspenseful platforming game is creeping closer to completion and eventual release. But since it seems we've been neglecting our communicative duty in making regular dev blog updates to let everyone know what's going on with the game, we've decided that throughout this month we will be posting recaps of what we've done so far, just to make sure that everyone's caught up. This will also serve the purpose of catching us up so that we can start posting more regular updates without it being all weird, like the information is coming out of nowhere without context, because we didn't cover any of this stuff previously. We'd like to make sure that everyone reading about the game understands what's going on (obviously we hope lots of fans will be interested in Terror Chasm and its development sometime in the future) and so we want to give you more of a starting point, and lay the proper foundation for everything that's going to come. The first one of these developer recap blogs will be posted today!

As I said in last year's anniversary post: "Our goal for this project is to create a massively successful game. It's designed to specifically provide a great amount of value to the player, while simultaneously furthering our mission of spreading dark fun." Of course that is still what we're shooting for, but one of our other secondary goals and perhaps a predictable outcome of a certain level of success, is to see merch of Terror Chasm in physical retail stores. This is just a weird personal ambition of mine that I think would be cool. Having merchandise of your game on physical store shelves feels like one of those indicators that as a developer you've "made it"; and being a life long fan of malls and materialism, it's something I would like to see happen. In order to add visual flair to this post, I'm including a sort of photoshopped, "vision board" like image that I threw together a while back to help make this goal more tangible; to make it more real and something to focus on. Technically it's using the older logo color scheme, but I think it gets the point across.

While we would still classify the game as being "pre-alpha", we do hope to get some initial testers in there soon, to navigate the deadly temple and savage platforming and give us some feedback on what aspects of the game most requires our attention and generally get an impression of how the game plays and how things are progressing. This means that we are soon going to be having lots of other people play Terror Chasm and eventually it will be unleashed upon the world! Very exciting! Once we have more feedback we will know what to work on, what's important to players, and this should also help to accelerate our development (we've already spent quite a lot of time laying the groundwork for various systems and more generally the game itself, and so a lot of Terror Chasm's future development will just be adding and building on the framework we've already established).

As time goes on we will be, step-by-step, allowing more and more people to try the game and exposing more of it's menacing form to the wider public as our creation lurks closer to release. Until then, keep watching and paying attention, because this THING is coming.

- False Prophet