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14th Anniversary & Success

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14th Anniversary & Success-

Tonight marks the 14th anniversary of This year we have been working diligently on our major video game project, Terror Chasm. And we've accomplished quite a bit on it! Being the anniversary post, I'd like to take this opportunity to go on record and share some of our motivations and plans.

Our goal for this project is to create a massively successful game. It's designed to specifically provide a great amount of value to the player, while simultaneously furthering our mission of spreading dark fun. However, among other numerous secondary goals, we would like this project to serve as an example to the games industry and to people in general. We want to prove that success is not accidental, or just simply a result of "good luck"; as many people seem to believe. We want to show that it can be deliberate and planned. That ambition, intelligent strategy and persistence works.

Right now the game is being developed by 2 people. We currently have no marketing budget (or any real budget at all, for that matter), no major industry contacts or associations, no significant following on social media, and no preexisting reputation or clout from previous projects. And yet we intend to succeed. The thing is, no one starts off life with any of these things. They must be acquired. Any advantage that people have in any industry or undertaking is something that they managed to pick up at some point. And in all fairness, we do have a couple of things going for us, such as knowledge and experience. But these are things that had to be acquired as well.

This is currently where we are at, where we are starting from. Our goal, our destination that we are heading for is to make $100 Million over the life cycle of the game. When we achieve this, when we arrive at this place that we are shooting for, we will have more clout and reputation and budget and many of those other things that we are currently lacking. And inevitably, people will think that we always had those things. They will come up with explanations about our success, about why it was easy for us, and why we had an unfair advantage. So I'm putting this here as a preemptive reminder for anyone who is curious about the nature of success, as well as a future rebuttal to conveniently link to, when the topic comes up. This is a statement of intent, a reference point for the ambitious, and a reality check for the doubters.

This is where it all starts, this is where it begins…

- False Prophet