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Here's a seasonal ghost story for you. It was nearly six months ago to the day that we deleted one of the links in our Villainesque section. Though it was among the first group that we had put up on the page, we casually discarded it without conscience due to the fact that this particular link was dead. But this would not be the last of it, for a few days ago I was casually scrolling down our Villainesque page when I saw it. Sitting there idly in its place on the list; just as it had for many months before we unceremoniously cast it into oblivion. Upon noticing this familiar and yet out of place text, I timidly brought my cursor to rest over the large red letters of the link; and clicked.

In an instant the screen in front of me changed and to my abysmal horror, I found that the link was still dead! My mind could not fathom how this could be. How could a dead link which we, ourselves had unremorsefully deleted from our own links page just come back?! As I pondered this, the terrible truth came flooding into my mind. This link's hatred for us must have been so powerful as to allow it to resurrect itself despite the fact that the site which it had served as the link to, was no more. A dead link which, through some unfathomable form of dark craft, had managed to return for its revenge; an undead link! I immediately contacted Vicious and together, we were mercifully able to banish this abomination's vile code and descriptive text to a sacred folder deep within one of our hard drives before it was able to destroy us all. And this is where the evil, which we had unwittingly unleashed, shall forever remain as we pray that we have finally seen the last of the link of the undead (Dun Dun Dunnnn...).

Actually, what really happened was that we had accidentally copied that link from a backup file that we keep and had unknowingly pasted it there the last time that we updated the Villainesque links. I noticed it was back, clicked on it and confirmed that the link was still dead. I then notified Vicious (overlord of logic and master of programming) and he quickly corrected the oversight. Although this version of the story is more accurate, I still think my other, "slightly embellished" one is a lot more interesting. There is definitely a very spooky side to site maintenance.

- False Prophet