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Like any ambitious designer of sinister creations, I'm never completely satisfied with my work. This is what compelled me to make some aesthetic changes to two of our posters. The 'Be as a shark among sheep' poster features a new and improved image of the shark. Although he's still in the same pose, I've redone virtually all of his shading and have given him more variation in color and depth; resulting in a much more visually stunning effect. I've also redone the titular figure of the 'Modern Day Moriarty' poster to look a bit more menacing and thus more befitting of one of literature's first real super villains.

I have to say that I am quite pleased with the improvements that I have made and I now feel that these posters are finally living up to their potential. You can easily view the two works that I just mentioned, along with the others, by scrolling down to the bottom of this page or by clicking on our products page. As you know, we are constantly plotting new and more elaborate villainous entertainment products here at Twisted Jenius; but for right now I welcome you to enjoy these wonderfully evil motivational posters. I know I will!

- False Prophet