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To the uninitiated, some aspects of Twisted Jenius may seem a little bit confusing, as we tend to deal with concepts that may otherwise seem bad to many people, in a positive way. This includes how we use various terms as well. So here is a quick guide to Twisted Jenius vocabulary and how you can expect us to treat certain words that might otherwise seem negative.

Evil- This is the big one and I have written two rants which address this topic (34 & 35). Aside from those links, I'll just say that evil is never considered a bad thing to us (as it is ultimately subjective).

Selfish/Selfishness- I consider selfishness to be a natural and inescapable part of the human condition and therefore I can not consider this word negative and will never use it in a negative way. It's either a good thing, or just neutral, as it comes naturally to us as humans and serves an important function to the individual (see Concepts of Evil - Part One).

Greed- Same explanation as selfish, above.

Hate- Also like selfish (see Hate: An Underappreciated Emotion for further explanation).

Darkness- Always used in a positive manner (though I'm always careful to only use it in the sinister enjoyment sense, not in the blatantly morbid or depressing sense, because that would be negative).

Predator- Also never used in a negative way on this site, as it is evocative of empowering ideas, fierce ambition and generally getting what you want. And like selfish, the word predator has a few related terms like sadistic/sadist and manipulator/manipulative, which can also be seen as empowering to the individual in a distinctly villainesque way. These words tend to either have positive or neutral connotations when used on this site.

Conversely, words like rotten, wretched and petty tend to have a more degrading connotation and are therefore used negatively on this site. Words such as goodness, righteousness and egalitarian are normally used in a negative context because these ideas are antithetical to the concepts which we favor here at Twisted Jenius. Words like insane, crazy and madness tend to be used with neutral or favorable connotations. It's also important to note that, as someone who does not judge people, actions or events on the basis of standard morality, I use many words in a fairly neutral way. Many things which I discuss here at Twisted Jenius, aren't necessarily seen as good or bad, they just are (even things which I don't like emotionally, often have a logical upside to them).

I hope that this brief explanation will make it easier for you, our valued readers, to absorb and process the entertainment/information which we provide for you here at Twisted Jenius and to better understand what we're for and what we're against. Because our standards are so different from that of many other forms of media, I can see how some of you may become a little confused. We take it all in stride.

- False Prophet