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One thing which we must constantly contend with here at Twisted Jenius is the balance between the quality and the quantity of the content which we provide. There is a definite correlation between the results of a project and the time which is spent on it. Of course, the more time which is spent on any single endeavor, the less content is created over any specific period of time and the less we are able update the site.

From what I can tell, most people tend to enjoy the Villains & Heroes comics more than anything else currently on This is understandable considering that the comics are more casually accessible, more interactive and generally make for more stimulating entertainment than anything else on this site. The downside is that they require a great deal more time to create than our simpler, written content and, keeping in mind that we are currently working on a much greater, in-depth project, we had decided to put them on hold for a little while.

However, despite this I am seriously considering launching season three of Villains & Heroes (I've already begun working on the first script). This will probably mean that I will be posting significantly fewer Evil Rants, as there are scheduling limitations due to internal deadlines relating to this larger project which we are now working on. If you would like to give us your opinion about this, please share your thoughts in the forum. I would appreciate any input that you may have on this matter. After all, you're the audience!

- False Prophet