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As a result of our commitment to bringing you, our valued viewers, as much Villainesque entertainment as possible, I've decided to share this site which I've recently found (it'll probably be going up in our Villainesque links soon, don't rush us).

I was thoroughly impressed by this site, as they seemed to have jumped headfirst into the idea of a villain lifestyle which we prize so highly here at Twisted Jenius. Slated as "the premier site of evildoer education and advice", you must admire their passion for villainy.

And speaking of a passion for villainy, I think somebody's going to be getting a new Villains & Heroes comic next week (rejoice!). I know that you had to wait a little while for season three to begin, as we have been working on other nefarious projects. Creating quality evil may take some time, but I can assure you that your patients will be rewarded.

- False Prophet