Sell Out

Furnishing Your Evil Lair

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Furnishing Your Evil Lair-

It's not always easy to find tasteful Villainesque home décor. Sure you could decorate your lair with Halloween decorations all year long, and that is fine, if that's what you're into. However, there are alternatives. One of the most obvious of these is the Villain Chair. This sinister seat just screams "I'm plotting world domination" (fluffy white cat sold separately).

Although not actively evil, the Topdeq company offers furniture which could definitely be considered Villainesque. With their industrial style, glass and chrome desks and tables, their black leather sofas and chairs, and their quazi-futuristic accessories; Topdeq's offerings are definitely suited to any sophisticated villain's lair.

And if these pieces of interior design are too subtle and you're afraid that people won't realized what a truly evil individual are; you could always add a little something to spell it out for them.

- False Prophet