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Villain Blogs-

One of the essential functions of the Sell Out Copy is to connect you, my dear reader, with villainous goings on around the web. With that in mind, I would like to present you with a couple of villain blogs which I've recently happened across.

This first one is called Embrace the Malignance and is a villain blog in the truest sense. The emerging Metavillain, who is responsible for this blog was good (or evil) enough to provide a link to Twisted Jenius from his page, and so I thought that I would return the favor. Lord Malignance has some interesting thoughts to share and presents himself in an extremely Villainesque manner.

Next we have the International Society of SuperVillains. This is a humorous and somewhat edgy blog, which seems to have an emphasis on various types of entertainment (though they do cover other things as well). The ISS updates its blog very frequently and has multiple villainous contributors. Not too shabby.

When we first started Twisted Jenius in 2006, I predicted that villainy would become an increasingly common topic of interest in subculture. It looks as though my prediction is transpiring nicely. I suspect that we will be seeing more villainy on the web as time goes on. And you can count on the Sell Out Copy, here on, to deliver it right into your dark clutches.

We find the evil on the Internet, so you don't have to!

- False Prophet