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Blogs That I Follow

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Blogs That I Follow-

Although we've probably featured about a dozen villain blogs within these Sell Out Copies, I thought that I would take this opportunity to share some of the non villain blogs that I personally follow, just because I can.

The first is by a friend of mine, Napalm Nick. He posts on a variety of topics and often has some insightful criticism on a myriad of subjects. His blog is definitely well above average and often has a good amount of depth and insightfulness to it. It's also fun! In addition, I'd like to thank him for a recent post in which he provided some links to Twisted Jenius. Thanks Nick!

The next blog is called Degenerate Diatribe and was created by a gentleman who is extremely opinionated and describes himself as having a degree in "cold hearted cynicism and jaded, bitter intolerance". He's also an excellent writer! He can be a little extreme, but if you're into something a bit more "gritty"; then check him out.

Now we come to Diabologue: The Very Exciting Chronicles of Matt G. Paradise. MGP is a high ranking representative of the Church of Satan and has had his website continuously online since 1997. As for his blog's content, he says: "I post items of interest to me. Some of those include Satanism, technology, horror movies, the human condition, podcasting, missteps of the God religions, and, of course, each and every one of my own media creations." He also posts daily!

Lastly we have a blog by Dr Karl Shuker. He is one of the best known cryptozoologists in the world and ShukerNature is his cryptozoological blog. I know that I have mentioned that there was a time when I was very much into this topic and although I am not as enthusiastic as I once was; I still like reading about it.

These are a few of the miscellaneous blogs that I like to follow. I'll probably give you a list of entertainment blogs that I enjoy in a future Sell Out Copy.

- False Prophet