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Wrong Side of Art

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Wrong Side of Art-

If you have read my Entertainment vs. Art rant, then you know that I don't consider myself an artist. However, it occurs to me that my desire to disassociate myself with art might be as a result of always being on the wrong side of it.

As you might have gathered from looking around this site, I enjoy certain types of commercial or lowbrow art. This includes anime, comics and, of course, movie posters.

I thought that I would share with you, my valued readers, a few of my all time favorite movie posters. Perhaps this will give you some insight into the aesthetic tastes that have gone into creating Twisted Jenius.

Of course there are many more that I am fond of (including virtually all 1980s Horror movie posters). However, these ones stick out in my mind, not only because I really like the posters; but because I've greatly enjoyed each of these movies as well!

- False Prophet