Sell Out

About "Selling Out"

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About "Selling Out"-

As you probably know, we tend to use the term "sellout" or "Sell Out" (the two-word variation, which is the official title of this page) quite liberally here at Twisted Jenius. However, one interesting thing that we have often discussed in our internal conversations is the simple fact that we are technically not willing to actually sellout very much at all.

On the surface, we are willing to be very commercial in some respects, and we definitely don't have a problem with things like marketing or greed. But if you really think about it, in order for us to really "sellout", we'd have to make ourselves "less evil" or more consumer-friendly. We'd have to stop doing things that frighten, anger or otherwise alienate large portions of the population.

Now, you may be asking yourself why we don't just do that, as watering down Twisted Jenius would definitely be more profitable. I can assure you that it has nothing to do with "artistic integrity" or any other useless nonsense such as that. The truth is that we just couldn't stomach doing anything that was more "mainstream" (if we could, it would make things significantly simpler). Having to immerse ourselves in something like that would repulse us to no end. That's the reason that we created Twisted Jenius in the first place, in order to get away from that kind of stuff and do what pleases us.

Despite the fact that Twisted Jenius may not be for the majority of people, I still believe that there is a niche demographic out there who craves dark and villainous content and that we can offer something unique for them. Are you among those interesting individuals?

- False Prophet