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More Evil Links-

In accordance with our mission to bring you all of the relevant evil that can be found around the web, here are a couple more interesting pieces of sinister Internet content.

First up we have How to be EVIL, from a site called Propergander. This page features a nice little list of ideas about how to get started in playing for the dark side. As the author of this piece says, "Being good sucks. From now on, I'm going to be nothing but evil. It's fun and it's easy too!" We couldn't agree more.

Our next offering is a fun, Villainesque site called Being "Your source of everyday evil!", this site's focus is mainly on "evil on a smaller scale". This is a truly excellent idea if you think about it. While most sites of this nature feature more large scale evil schemes, there are very few that give us so many tips and tricks to fill out our day to day evil needs. To be realistic, most of us will not spend the majority of our time actively pursuing world conquest and so it's good to have some mundane acts of malice to occupy us during our slow days; between grander evil plots.

These are just a couple more examples of the evil that you will find around the web. I'd encourage you to look back at the Sell Out Bank, to find more entries like this.

- False Prophet