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Pessimistic Worldview

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Pessimistic Worldview-

It seems that another year is upon us, and I for one, am feeling very good about the future. However, I have noticed a trend of pessimism which seems to be going around a lot lately. Many people don't seem to have much hope for the future. They look around and see only signs of decline and decay. Their outlook is rather bleak.

I'd like to point out that the common view that the world is going to hell, says a lot more about the people who are thinking it, than the actual state of things. Although most people who look at things this way will never admitted it, I believe that this is not merely a result of pessimistic thinking, but a secret wish on their parts. Their world view comes as a result of the fact that they have no hope and in their desperation, wish for the rest of us to share this fate. These are truly disgusting creatures.

I'd like to remind all of my fellow villains out there, on this New Year's Day, that just because there is a lot of gloom and doom mentality spreading among the masses, there's no reason for you to join in. Don't play along with their pity parties! They are victims by nature and that is all that they can understand.

Remember that your attitude is a very important factor in determining your quality of life. And if you're having a good time and entertaining pleasing prospects for the future, while others are not; then that just makes it all the more enjoyable! Learn to laugh as others bitch and moan about the state of our world. Don't give them the satisfaction of thinking that you're one of them, that you have the same pitiful outlook as they. Rise above them and let the victims be victims. You are on a different level and have no need for such depressing and ultimately self destructive views!

- False Prophet