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Villain Books-

The Devil's Soapbox, a book written by my good friend Frederick Madden, is now available for purchase. It contains a series of essays about many various topics and is an excellent read for anyone who is in need of a powerful dose of misanthropy. At times both humorous and harsh, this book offers a unique and unapologetic perspective that you're not likely to find very often in today's all too politically correct world. And to make it even better, yours truly was responsible for the editing and the cover art of the book. Go order yourself a copy tonight!

And speaking of dark literature, I have been considering putting together an essential villain reading list for some time now. However, it looks as though Lord Malignance has already beaten me to it. In his Library of Evil, he lists lots of excellent villainous resources. I was pleasantly surprised by the thoroughness of this catalog (though, I would have also included The Satanic Bible) and I suggest that you check it out.

A few entries that really popped out at me were, Supervillains and Philosophy, The Essential Writings of Machiavelli, The 48 Laws of Power, The Art of Seduction and, of course, one of my favorite books of all time, Neil Zawacki's How to Be a Villain. Great stuff!

- False Prophet