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Happy anniversary to us!

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Happy anniversary to us!-

Today marks the fourth anniversary of! It has been an eventful year and the site has seen many changes and new additions. Year five should prove to be even more eventful. This year will be one to remember, as it will be the one in which Twisted Jenius truly comes into its own and you will witness the asylum progressing towards what we've always intended it to be.

In honor of this occasion, I thought we'd take a look back at the very beginning; the genesis of Twisted Jenius.

The first project that the two overlords of Twisted Jenius worked on was a brief animated promo video, which was created to be entered into a contest held by Anime Network. It was a modest endeavor by our standards now, but it was one of the things that led to the creation of this site. As you can see, we've come a long way and created a great deal of content since then. This year will offer even more; stay tuned and stay evil!

- False Prophet