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Nocturnes For Nightmares-

I'm happy to announce the release of the premier project from Gyps Fulvus- "Nocturnes For Nightmares". As "The soundtrack to your worst nightmare", this album features eerie, ambient, instrumental music which is reminiscent of 80s horror movies. Excellent for creating a creepy and chilling atmosphere, just in time for Halloween!

Nocturnes For Nightmares is available in two editions:

The standard edition and the bonus (limited) edition.

The musician who is responsible for this album is a very talented friend of mine and yours truly was able to assist him with some of the graphics work for the CD cover and insert. Check it out, if you dare!

- False Prophet

Happy anniversary to us!-

Today marks the fourth anniversary of! It has been an eventful year and the site has seen many changes and new additions. Year five should prove to be even more eventful. This year will be one to remember, as it will be the one in which Twisted Jenius truly comes into its own and you will witness the asylum progressing towards what we've always intended it to be.

In honor of this occasion, I thought we'd take a look back at the very beginning; the genesis of Twisted Jenius.

The first project that the two overlords of Twisted Jenius worked on was a brief animated promo video, which was created to be entered into a contest held by Anime Network. It was a modest endeavor by our standards now, but it was one of the things that led to the creation of this site. As you can see, we've come a long way and created a great deal of content since then. This year will offer even more; stay tuned and stay evil!

- False Prophet


I just got done reading Valhalla, a sci-fi action novel written by my friend Ari Bach. I can honestly say that this is one of the most entertaining pieces of fiction that I have read in quite a while. A truly fun book! It features some themes that will be familiar to fans of anime, as well as what I think are some potentially accurate predictions about the future of human civilization and culture. It also has espionage, dangerous villains and dismemberment; lots of dismemberment.

Valhalla also introduces one of the most wicked (and cool) sci-fi weapons that I've ever heard of. It's called a Tikari, a robotic insect with Artificial Intelligence, which is made out of your sternum, lives inside your chest, is remotely linked to your brain and can transform into a stabbing weapon (I really want one)!

This book is surprisingly entertaining and I highly recommend it. You should also keep an eye out for this franchise and its creator in the future. I'm expecting some good things from both of them. And you may also want to check out some of Ari's art. His work features some disturbingly surrealistic landscapes and critters, and you'll also find some concept art for Valhalla there as well.

- False Prophet

Where to Find H.P. Lovecraft Merchandise-

If there's anything better than cool products, it's cool products that are based on the tales of H.P. Lovecraft. Here are some places from around the web where you will find various entertaining commodities; undoubtedly inspired by some kind of creeping madness brought about by The Great Old Ones.

Arkham House-
The infamous publishing house that originally introduced Lovecraft's work to the world.

The H. P. Lovecraft Historical Society-
Lots of Lovecraft inspired souvenirs, with themes that range from tentacles to insanity.

Arkham Bazaar-
A massive collection of various "Knickknacks from beyond space and time" and "Things man was not meant to see"; a wide variety of Lovecraftian merchandise.

Toy Vault-
Plush creatures from beyond. The unspeakable gods have never looked so cute!

Arkham Studios-
Finely sculpted statutes and busts of various dark cultural icons, including Cthulhu, Brown Jenkin and the gentleman from Providence himself.

SOTA Toys-
Detailed and terrifying collectable figures based on Lovecraft's cosmic horrors.

An artist who creates and sells various sculptures inspired by the Cthulhu Mythos.

Cthulhu Statues-
Statues that are modeled specifically after the one described in the story "The Call of Cthulhu"

The makers of the "CALL OF CTHULHU" roleplaying game.

Lovecraftian Movies and Television Shows-
A site which lists the many different media treatments of Lovecraft's work.

- False Prophet

Selling Our Souls-

Sometimes we must compromise our deepest personal preferences in order to placate the consumerist beast. For anyone who has been following this site for the last few years, you may have noticed that it has been slowly taking on certain elements and changes which cause it to resemble other, more standard web sites. This is something that I briefly talked about in our very first Sell Out Copy. The reason that we have been making these changes is quite simple-because they've consistently proven to be more profitable!

Now we've taken Selling Out to another level and have done something that I was honestly very reluctant to do. Twisty, our site's mascot who has prominently graced the Welcome page since day one, is no longer there. Despite the fact that I personally loved seeing him every time I opened my Internet browser, it seems that many people were turned off by the image of the large, disembodied brain with a razor toothed grin staring them in the face at the moment that they entered the site.

Another consideration is that that place on the Welcome page is a pretty important piece of real estate, from an Internet standpoint. Although I think that he looked really cool sitting there, that's normally the place where people would expect to find important information such as site updates. Needless to say, I was aware of this fact but I'd hoped to get away with doing things a little bit differently. However, being too different or too creative can be a liability in business. Some innovation is essential but it must be done in a certain way and in a controlled fashion. Make things too different and it just freaks people out.

I expect that most people will like this change and I must admit that it is significantly more practical and functional than the way we used to have it (you can now see our site updates from the moment that you log on, instead of having to scroll down). For those of you who liked it the other way, don't fret, Twisty is still our mascot and you will continue to see him around various parts of the site (not to mention we're creating an entire game with him as the protagonist). He's always lurking...

- False Prophet

Evil as a Lifestyle Choice-

I am freak'n loving this site! For anyone who has spent much time on, you know how passionate I can be about the Villainesque lifestyle. And now there is a site which is devoted specifically to that concept. Evil as a Lifestyle Choice is one of the most excellent examples of what I've been talking about, ever!

One thing that I encourage you to do is check out some of the Overlord's The Evil Challenge series of posts. There are so many things here that I've often thought (and probably should have written more about myself; curses!). There are a few delightfully sinister items that I particularly agree with; I'd like to point out in this series of posts.

In Day Five: Present Yourself, she says of villainous clothing "Put together an everyday uniform, something You can wear to feel sinister while going to the grocery store. It doesn't have to be too over the top, just remain in character." I've come to this exact same conclusion myself and I feel that it's definitely necessary for a Villainesque lifestyle. In my case, a black suit serves this purpose nicely.

Day Seven: Dealing with Naysayers, has some excellent advice for not just dealing with naysayers, but people in general. This is some wonderfully practical, down to earth evil and I'm truly impressed.

Day Eight: The Importance of Solitude is the best one yet and is completely true. I must admit that I'm a bit envious of this post, as this is exactly the kind of helpful information that I sometimes like to include in my Evil Rants.

I really can't say enough good (evil) things about this site and it would make this post way too long for me to even try. My favorite thing is the darkly positive approach that this site takes. Towards the end of my Why Villainesque? Rant, which I wrote three years ago, I predicted that we would see more of this villainous lifestyle idea in action. It looks as though my little prophecy may be coming to pass and I couldn't be happier about that!

Don't be surprised to see this site added to our Villain Links in the future.

- False Prophet

Evil Robots-

Nothing proves that Science is a Dick quite like evil robots, and nothing is more Villainesque. Robots are an important element of villainy, and so for starters, we have a list of videos featuring some of the Best Evil Robots from various media.

Next we have a page dedicated to the behind the scenes creation of one of the most infamous evil robots in cinematic history, and one of my personal favorites; ED-209. This visually intimidating and humorously malfunctioning antagonist has become somewhat of an icon and with good reason. There's just something very cool and memorable about him.

Of course robots aren't just for the movies anymore, and for any aspiring mad scientists out there, here's a site which features all kinds of interesting robotic devices, at different levels of complexity, which can be purchased for fun and evil. And to make things even more interesting, there's some new robotics technology on the horizon such as this A.R. Drone. Having a smart phone app to command your army of flying drones, makes it much more convenient to unleash terror from the skies!

I leave you now with a bit of nostalgia, an old Toonami Promo which speaks of this topic with the delightfully threatening eloquence that it deserves. I loved these Toonami Promos; "advanced robotics" indeed!

- False Prophet

Dead Space 2 is Copying Us!-

Outrage! The first screen shot of Dead Space 2 has been released and it features bloody lettering scrolled onto a padded cell wall (top right corner of the image). Dead Space, that's our shtick; get your own! It's been our logo since we first launched this site in 2006! You will pay for this treachery!

The fact that we're not even on Visceral Games radar because they're an AAA developer owned by EA and we're an obscure, niche web site that they in all likelihood don't even realize exists; is no excuse! They've obviously copied us, being naturally envious of our brilliance. We have a game in the works which features that sort of thing as well; and despite being completely ignorant of this fact, they are obviously trying to get the jump on us. They're trying to keep us from completely cornering the bloody-cell-pad-market. Fools!

So, Visceral Games, do you know how Twisted Jenius handles such interlopers? Well, neither do I; but you can be damn sure that we're going to have a couple of meetings to determine some policies about this. And then you'll see...

- False Prophet

Comical Depictions of Muhammad-

For several years now, there has been a controversy surrounding the idea of visually depicting the Islamic prophet, Muhammad. Needless to say, I have absolutely no sympathy for those who side with any Islamic interests that wish to stifle any representation or visual mockery of Muhammad; in fact, I loathe them (and I applaud the makers of South Park, for having the balls that so few others seem to have). The idea that even nonbelievers should have to obey these kinds of rules, offends my secular sensibilities. If Islamists don't want to depict their prophet in their own material, that's fine. But to expect everyone else to comply with that is just ludicrous.

This is especially true because Islam in general should be scrutinized and, in my opinion, ridiculed. It certainly shouldn't be immune from such scrutiny. And as a godless, materialist westerner, I find that religion to be particularly repulsive. However, what truly bothers me is the fact that so many others in western society seem to want to respect the wishes of these people and their detestable desire for religious-based censorship. I'm not sure whether the motivation for this is fear of violent retribution or some sickening sense of political correctness. Regardless, it's important not to allow the followers of this vile religion to have their way. Giving them what they want will not grant us any power over them.

Make no mistake, images have power and they know it! This is undoubtedly the true reason why they try so hard to maintain control over any depictions of Muhammad (whether they consciously acknowledge this or not). Imagery is a great propaganda mechanism and can be very degrading and demoralizing towards its target. This is a very good thing. The more that we can break Islam down and cause them to compromise their religious/cultural standards; the more they're likely to integrate into secular society. This type of integration is the enemy of all spiritual religion and the western media should use that to their advantage. With any luck, there will come a day when the vast, vast majority of Muslims will resemble most people who identify themselves as "Christians" in the U.S. (meaning in name only).

If you think about it, many Islamic extremists greatly resemble common criminal gangs. They're essentially desperate losers who don't possess much of anything of true value (religious delusion and fictional gods do not count). But like other gangs, the one thing that they do have is pride. 1%er bikers consider their "colors" or patches, to be a physical manifestation of their pride. They protect those colors with their lives because that's all that they really have. The same is true with Islamic extremists and their religion.

This is why we should not cater to their desperate desire for religious respect. If pride is all that they really have, then western media should do all that we can to take it from them. Only then will they be in a position to need to fill the vacant hole left in their lives; by (figuratively and literally) buying our stuff instead.

- False Prophet

Twisted Jenius' First Video Game!-

Today we are announcing the development and eventual release of Twisted Jenius' first video game: Twisty's Asylum Escapades! This is that the project that I have alluded to several times in the Sell Out Copies before, and that has been occupying our time for the last few months (and will continue to, for a bit). We've been working very intently on it lately, though the game has been in development for well over a year.

We are now at a stage where we feel comfortable in telling everyone what we've been up to. Our sinister plans are coming to fruition. As you may have guessed by the title, Twisty's Asylum Escapades stars our villainous mascot Twisty and his self initiated emancipation from his confines in the asylum. We are extremely excited about this project, as video game development is something that we have had on the brain for quite a while.

So where can you learn more about this game? Why, the site which we just released for the game,, of course! See, we really do think of everything.

- False Prophet

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