Sell Out

5th Anniversary!

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5th Anniversary!-

Twisted Jenius has been bringing its brand of dark strangeness and villainous entertainment into the world for five years now!

All this month Twisty will be celebrating on the Welcome page and Vicious has made his annual anniversary post in the forums. I'm also pleased to announce that thanks to a gift from our new contributor and the devious creator of The Snail Factory, the site now has a new padded cell background texture. The old texture (image right) served us well for five years, but now it's time for an upgrade and I think that this new one is an improvement and goes very nicely with many of the other site changes that we did this year. I'd like to thank Mr. Bach for the generous anniversary present!

I'm very happy with the progress that Twisted Jenius has made over the last year and as always, you can be sure that there are more morally questionable projects lurking just around the corner. For all of you villains out there, remember that life is about personal satisfaction and enjoyment (and crushing all enemies and obstacles with ruthless determination). So continue to enjoy yourselves and stay evil!

- False Prophet