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Rerelease of Nocturnes For Nightmares

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Rerelease of Nocturnes For Nightmares-

Nocturnes For Nightmares has been rereleased and is available now! This CD features a combination of dark, industrial atmospheric music and 20th century classical; and was inspired by the soundtracks of horror/thriller films. This music provides the type of eerie sounds and creeping sensations that will definitely put you in the right mood for the Halloween season!

This newest version of the album features some new artwork, expanded liner notes and enhanced sound quality. Nocturnes For Nightmares was written, recorded and produced by a talented musician known as Gyps Fulvus, and I'm happy to say that I had a bit of a hand in creating the insert for the album.

In addition to the physical copy being available on CD Baby, you can also purchase it on iTunes and Amazon MP3.

Dedicated to the Dark Force of nature that influences the unexplored corners of the human mind, these musical compositions seek to awaken the horrors that lie dormant within. Nocturnes For Nightmares is the perfect soundtrack to spoil a good night's sleep!

- False Prophet