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Night Gallery

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Night Gallery-

In keeping with the shadowy and often macabre nature of this particular month of the year, I would like to welcome you, my villainous blog lovers, to enter a very odd establishment indeed. This parlor of the grotesque is a classic, older than many of us and perhaps better suited for those rare individuals who tend to frequent gloomy old houses and dusty crypts.

By stepping into this afterhours museum of the weird, you will be able to view this artistic collection of grisly stories from the past, a time which for many of us has been long forgotten and buried; in some cases six feet deep. I would like to present to you this peculiar plot of cult-horror real estate known as Rod Serling's Night Gallery. You may remember the host of the series as being the creator of another eerie anthology, the Twilight Zone.

However, you may notice some differences within this particular collection of pieces which make up the often underrated Night Gallery, and which are reserved for those dark aficionados with an appreciation for the nostalgic and the bizarre.

You can currently find your way to this eccentric and sometimes shady exhibition by passing through its page on Hulu. There you will be confronted with multiple masterpieces of the unfamiliar and the occasionally unwelcome. It's a delightfully ghoulish assortment of images and stories which are all too appropriate for this season that is often inhabited by the likes of witches, skeletons and monsters. And this we offer to you via our own little abnormal and slightly sinister corner of cyberspace, Twisted Jenius.

- False Prophet