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Play Our Free Video Game!-

Twisty's Asylum Escapades, the 3D single-player, action/adventure video game, is now publicly available as a free open beta that you can download now. In it, you play as the Twisted Jenius mascot Twisty, and try to escape the bizarre mental asylum that you have been locked away within. As you can imagine, it features lots of dark, insane fun!

Since this is an open beta, it is not a final release and we will be updating and improving the game in the future. But we wanted to give you, our loyal legions, a chance to get your hands on it and to have some fun with it. I hope that you'll find it to be a very interesting experience and of course any feedback that you have is welcome and encouraged (we have a whole forum section for it).

The two overlords of Twisted Jenius have been working on this game for over 4 years now and we're quite proud of it. I'd also like to thank Gyps Fulvus for providing the game's eerie soundtrack. Definitely go check out more of his sinister selections.

I'm sure that I could sit here writing to you about the game all night, but I think you'd rather just go and play it!

- False Prophet