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Tonight I'd like to share with you, my values readers, some more of the influences which went into creating Twisted Jenius. Towards the end of my Dark Comedies- Part Two: The Continuation rant, I briefly mention that I am a fan of Little Shop of Horrors and I cited the original, 1960 Roger Corman version. The truth is that I'm a fan of both the original and the 1986 Frank Oz versions (yeah, I know, "heresy"!). I actually saw the Oz musical version first and became an instant addict (when I finally got the video of it, I watched it so many times that I broke the tape). The first time that I saw the film, was actually when it was shown to us at a day care center (which is pretty messed up, even by my demented standards; though I guess the film does kind of resemble Sesame Street, what with the singing, the "puppet", the wacky characters and the urban setting). At a young age, I was unbelievably fascinated with that Man-Eating Plant (I wanted one very badly), and it sparked a lifelong tendency to look at household flora in a very bizarre way.

You may have noticed that our mascot Twisty has some basic design similarities with the botanical antagonist in Little Shop of Horrors. Although this was not my conscious intention when designing him (in-house, we often compare Twisty to a hideous, evil version of Pac-Man), I doubt that it's a complete coincidence either. Another design element that may have been partially and inadvertently inspired by Little Shop of Horrors is our logo itself. The blood which Twisty uses to write on the padded wall does have some vague similarities to the movie graphic. And while we're on the subject, I think that it's only fair to mention that the general "movie poster look" is what inspires quite a lot of the commercial art here at Twisted Jenius. We're all about entertainment.

- False Prophet