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Villain Archetypes

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Villain Archetypes-

I've noticed that we've been getting a steady stream of people coming to this site searching for "villain archetypes" (or some minor variation of that subject). If you happen to be one of these individuals and have come upon this post, I'd like to point out the best places to find that kind of information here at First and foremost is my "Essay on Villain Archetypes"- Parts One and Two which you will find in our Evil Rant section (I've been knocking around the idea of doing a third one, but I'm not sure if or when I will). These are pretty lengthy and deal primarily with analysis of basic villain archetypes. Secondly, we have the Villains & Heroes Character Key under our Comics section. Although not such a straight forward explanation of villain archetypes, these characters are all designed based on very clichéd character types and they might provide you with some insight into this subject.

Finally, we have two links within our Villainesque section which I would highly recommend. The first is So You've Decided to be Evil and although intended as humor, presents basic information about villain archetypes from several different angles (categories include: what they wear, what kinds of lairs that they inhabit and what different villain goals and objectives are). Last, but certainly not least, is The Sixteen Villain Archetypes, and consists of a list with some brief, but insightful descriptions about each of these classic evil doer archetypes. This site will probably appeal to those of you who are looking for a more academic or literary approach to villain archetypes. I hope that this quick guide will be of help to those of you who have come here looking for this sort of information. Congratulations on making the choice to further develop your evil education!

- False Prophet