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The Millennial King

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The Millennial King-

Ari Bach, friend of the site and creator of The Snail Factory, has released a new book called The Millennial King. Written to be a myth for modern times, it's an extremely funny and inspirational medieval fantasy tale. But it's also more than that, it's both scathing social satire and commentary, that explores many of the widespread pessimistic attitudes towards the younger generations in our society. It's designed to be a hero story for a generation that has never had these types of heroes to represent them. It addresses issues such as finding one's purpose and place in the world, and coming into one's own. It's very imaginative, poignant and ultimately satisfying. A quest to discover what is worth questing after.

If you enjoy the kind of humor that is featured on Ari's popular Tumblr blog Facts I Just Made Up, you should definitely check out The Millennial King. Ari Bach is also the author of the Valhalla trilogy, an epic action/science fiction series.

- False Prophet