Sell Out

Lucky Number 13

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Lucky Number 13-

That's right, Twisted Jenius is now a teenager!

It was 13 years ago tonight that Twisted Jenius first crept into existence. Like a black demonic feline, it defiantly strut across the path of the world and boldly shattered the mirror reflecting many of the standard norms of society and sanity. And even now it continues to beckon a precession of willing fans to stroll under it's tilted ladder of dark fun.

One of our most exciting projects is a game that we announced earlier this year called Terror Chasm, which is now well into full development and you will definitely be hearing more about in the months ahead. So join us in this anniversary celebration by unfolding your umbrellas and raising them high above you as a salute to inspirational villainy, all from within the comfort of your own home. And you can be sure that Twisted Jenius will continue to spill the salts of hypocritical goodness and boring mediocrity, without ever bothering to fling a single grain over it's dark, pointy shoulder.

Yes, for all of us who love lurking in the shadows and continue to move forward with our dastardly dreams, we are all truly fortunate. Luck is on our side!

- False Prophet