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Suburban Man-Eater Postmortem

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Suburban Man-Eater Postmortem-

Suburban Man-Eater, an interactive short story that we originally made for Alexa, is now available in text form here on Twisted Jenius for you to check out & enjoy.

The story was an experiment of sorts, to see what we could do with this kind of interactive audio technology, in terms of creating dark entertainment. We realized that compared to our normal 3D video game projects, this would be relatively simple and it would give us some experience and insight into the creation of these kinds of voice apps, as well as the market for them. It was clear based on the popularity of Alexa and similar devices that there could be an emerging market for smart speaker apps. Though in retrospect it seems that the most in-demand ones tend to be more practical in nature. Obviously certain mediums lend themselves to certain types of content and I think that the method of input and practical limitations of smart speakers tend to make them more appealing for general utilitarian purposes, as opposed to story-based interactive entertainment.

Although I doubt we're going to be specifically developing any more interactive short stories for smart speakers, it's good to occasionally experiment with new things like this. Suburban Man-Eater acted as a kind of project between projects for us, and it didn't require any kind of major investment of resources. And the experience of briefly dabbling in this realm of pure audio entertainment seems to have only further reinforced our preference for working in 3D video games, a largely visual medium, by providing contrast and something different. I think that it also allowed us to think about story telling in a new way, with the branching multiple choice scenarios. It was a unique challenge.

While Suburban Man-Eater might be sort of a one-off "tried something new" project for us, we are very pleased to add it to our growing collection of dark entertainment, kept in this cabinet of curiosities known as

- False Prophet