Evil Rant Category

Evil Philosophy

The Joy of Selfishness
    Viewing selfishness as an admirable principle or standard, can make it a very gratifying and useful tool for everyday life.

Fighting "The Man"
    Summit yourself to being integrated into the system. Know that resistance is futile!

Capitalism and Killing Gods- Part Two
    Expanding on the ideas of part one, while taking into account the practical realities and potential drawbacks of this scheme.

Capitalism and Killing Gods- Part One
    My proposal for neutralizing the dangers of religious fanaticism by promoting a more materialist society.

Thinking Like a Predator
    Some explanation about how to get into the predatory mindset, as well as a few of the benefits associated with embracing this proactive perspective.

Damn Hipsters!
    Taking a critical look at current youth culture, as well as popular contemporary attitudes and philosophical approaches.

Concepts of Evil - Part Three
    Here we will take a look at the ways in which different people analyze the word "evil" and dissect many of the arguments against its usage.

Evil Standards and Philosophical Flaws
    In this article, I explain how best to approach and look at villainous philosophy; as well as exposing some of ways in which thinking too philosophically can diminish the true value of material reality.

The Power of Disbelief
    In this rant we explore the numerous, yet often unrecognized benefits to being an atheist and becoming your own god.

Great Wall of Stupidity
    In this rant we discover that many people actually choose to believe irrational things and indulge in self delusion on a massive scale in order to avoid unpleasant truths.

The Anti Cowboy
    Here, we examine the relationship between the common man and his heroes, and compare that to the standards of villainy. What makes people buy into all of that "good guy" stuff, anyway?

Explanation of "The New Goodness"
    Here I provide a more in depth examination of the concept which I call the new goodness and how this idea can better help you to understand the current social views on morality.

Fair Fight
    Here I offer some ideas about rules and fair play, from a villain's perspective.

The Myth of Goodness
    I expose many of the numerous problems with the idea of good (and by extension evil) and give you some insight into the perception of goodness versus the practical reality of it.

Concepts of Evil - Part Two
    We continue our examination of evil, and discover why certain things might be given that designation by some people. Part two deals primarily with fear as well as social deviancy.

Concepts of Evil - Part One
    This is a basic primer on the general idea of evil; as well as an explanation of how we will be thinking of that exceptionally powerful word in future rants. Part one deals primarily with ideas about selfishness.