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Evil Entertainment

Spooky, Not Scary
    Approaching the horror genre from an unusual direction in order to better understand it and elaborating on what it means to "spread dark fun".

Business of Villainy
    The evil businessman is one of the most prevalent villain archetypes in entertainment; let's take a closer look at these cunning capitalists and megalomaniacal money makers.

Greatest Anime Villains
    List of and observations about some of the most inspirational characters in anime (warning: this is a long one, even for us).

Villainesque Movie Endings
    Is there any preexisting examples of villainesque ideals in mainstream entertainment? Of course, and here I have provided you with a few of the most delightfully diabolical endings that cinema has to offer.

Dark Comedies- Part Two: The Continuation
    I provide you with some examples and analysis of a few specific dark comedies, and throw in a bit of my own shady humor while I'm at it.

Dark Comedies- Part One
    In this article, we take a look at what elements make up a good dark / black comedy and examine how to best interpret movies of this genre.

Villain Speak
    Villainous linguistics! With a fun list of villainesque words and phrases.

Despising the Human Element
    In this article I reaffirm my love of entertainment and reveal some of my stronger opinions about it.

Essay on Villain Archetypes- Part Two
    In part two, we continue to look at different villain archetypes and compare these to any real world equivalents they might have.

Essay on Villain Archetypes- Part One
    This is an examination of basic fictional villain types, intended to give us some insight into the nature of real villainy and how it's perceived.

Entertainment vs. Art
    In this rant we explore the basic perceptions of art and entertainment as well as how we might judge the two based on their own, individual merits; to the benefit of both.

Passion for Entertainment
    Here I offer some of my own thoughts and perspectives on the topic of the entertainment and its significance in both our own psychology and our culture.