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Evil Personal Views/Info

Why I Don't Care About Politics
    Sharing some basic, personal thoughts on the subject of politics and reasons I don't normally address this rather complex topic.

Concepts of Evil - Part Four
    In this rant, I will help you to understand a villain's ideas about the concept of evil by revealing my own personal views on the matter; as well as explaining some of the factors which have led me to these rather unique ideas.

Why Villainesque?
    Here I explain the concept of the villainesque genre / lifestyle and my reasons for creating and popularizing this idea. This is what Twisted Jenius is all about!

    Some thoughts on the importance of one's surroundings and environment as well as my own preferences and views on the matter.

Night People
    Here I offer an examination of decisively nocturnal lifestyles, and the attitudes that must company them.

Science, Reality & Other Junk- Part Two
    In part two, I share some general tips and principles that I've picked up through the years, which you can apply to benefit your own life.

Science, Reality & Other Junk- Part One
    Giving you a little bit more background on my personal beliefs and philosophical development, for purposes of assisting you along your sinister path.

Why I Dislike Dogs
    Some thoughts on man's best friend, from a uniquely villainous point of view.

Why Villainy?
    I believe that some introductions are in order. I'll give you some background as to where I'm coming from as well as let you know what you can expect from these articles.