Evil Rant Category

Evil Psychology

How to be Happy Under Any Circumstances
    Offering a variety of practical tactics and strategies you can use to make yourself happier regardless of your external circumstances or resources in your life. The power is within you!

    Exploring issues of villainous allegiance and why you should never trust a "good guy".

Controlling Your Surroundings
    Here I will try and give you some ideas about how you can improve your state of mind by leveraging various external factors and stimuli.

You are what you... everything!
    In this rant we will uncover some of the basic external factors that contribute to who we are and attempt to answer the question "is there a real you".

Hate: An Underappreciated Emotion
    Exploring the upsides of hate, anger and other greatly misunderstood, but completely natural and healthy human tendencies.

Human Ugliness and Inner Beauty
    We examine the correlation between internal and external beauty, and see how stress, self deprecating morality and general inner worthlessness can prove to be very ugly things indeed.

Dissatisfaction and Improving Your Existence
    Here I expose a few of the insidious social mechanisms which may be stifling your success. The first step in overcoming an obstacle is to recognize that it's there.

Ambition and Asking "Why not me?"
    In this article, I provide you with some sinister encouragement as well as some examination into the psychology of ambition and achieving success. It's time to get those forces of darkness working for you.

The Horrors of Guilt
    A dark look at the emotion which we call guilt and it's socially and psychologically destructive nature.

Fear, Ego & Stimulation
    In this rant, we examine human motivation and what causes people to think, act, buy and believe the things / ways that they do.

    In this rant, I give you some insight into this most important human motivation and you will discover how fear helps to determine a lot about a person and how you might use that information to better analyze others.

Rebelling: Pros & Cons
    Here we explore various aspects of social rebellion, and get a better understanding of the benefits and drawbacks involved with being really different

Apathy is Bliss
    In this rant, I show you how a certain level of "not caring" is essential to happiness and how apathy might help you to improve your life.