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Villain Links-

Here are two more villain links that we will be adding to the Villainesque page in the near future.

The first is Villain Abode, and it is slated as "the biggest and most in-depth villain index on the web". It's certainly the largest that I've seen (and, if you'll pardon me for saying so, I do consider myself a bit of an authority on the topic; it's kind of my thing). I was actually impressed by the massiveness of this index as well as its attention to detail. It has obviously required a lot of work to put together. I'm definitely sensing a genuine commitment to villainy here.

Next we have a site that is still a-work-in-progress, but one that I have high hopes for. In fact, it's designed to always be "in-progress"; it's a Wiki! Villains Wiki, to be precise. Go check it out and see if there's any villainous information that you would like to contribute. The presence of evil continues to further manifest itself on the Internet and as always, Twisted Jenius will be right there with you to enjoy it!

- False Prophet