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More Evil Internet Links-

The dark forces continue to extend their reach over the web and I think that we have found another site which is very villainous. Villainsource is exactly the type of web site that I love. It's entertaining, humorous and stacked to the mutated gills with evil content. This is the sort of site that I feel really inspires a Villainesque outlook. The Preserved Brain of Josef Mengele (the web master of this site) obviously had way too much fun creating this "source for everything evil" and I for one am glad that he did! You can expect to find this site included in our Villain Links shortly.

And on a slightly different note, we have a site about stock market speculation. Evil stock market speculation! Evil Speculator is a serious financial blog, giving you "short term market updates several times a week" and they do it with an evil theme. I admit that I'm not into financial markets very much at all, but I do know that evil and money go nicely together. And since everyone is so eager to demonize the fine folks on Wall Street; having "evil" speculators around seems appropriate. But don't worry, the authors of this site assure us that they are only evil during trading hours.

- False Prophet

"I Choose Knowledge" Poster-

The second poster in our Predator or Victim line is "I Choose Knowledge", and depicts a green snake strategically placed in an apple tree; symbolizing Luciferian wisdom (it goes without saying that intelligence, by its very nature, is evil).

There have been several people that have told me that they thought it was the snake himself that was saying "I Choose Knowledge". While this is a valid interpretation, I actually intended the statement to be coming from the onlooker (you), as a reaction to the snake's presence. You're excepting the snake's rather generous offer.

The snake in the picture was inspired by a real species called the temple viper (Tropidolaemus wagleri), or sometimes called Wagler's Viper. The temple viper is a venomous, tree dwelling species that gets its common name from the fact that a multitude of these snakes can be found in a somewhat infamous Buddhist temple in Malaysia known as The Snake Temple; or sometimes called "Temple of the Azure Cloud". These snakes are considered holy and are welcome residents of the temple.

Although I realize that Buddhism is a "good guy" religion, from the standpoint of a westerner living in a predominantly Christian society, there's something delightfully blasphemous about worshiping and keeping several thousand serpents in such a religious space. This is one of several reasons why I decided to use a temple viper as an inspiration for the poster; another being that I just think it's a very cool looking snake!

- False Prophet

Happy anniversary to us!-

Today marks the third anniversary of! Twisty is once again celebrating on the Welcome page, party hat firmly in place! We have plenty of diabolical content in store for you in year four; including the game that I mentioned in the last sellout copy. You have all been wonderful in supporting our dastardly site this last year, and this next one should be even more memorable!

- False Prophet

The Universal AI Starter Kit-

For many months now, we have been occasionally making subtle mention of a major project that we have been engaged in. I'm going to tell you right now that this project that we have been working on is the first video game created by Twisted Jenius. However, I'm not going to go into specifics about the game itself right now (you can be damn sure that we're going to be discussing it to a nauseating extent here on the sellout page, when we are ready).

This post is about a product that came out of this larger game development project. The Universal AI Starter Kit is an AI system that was programmed by my accomplice Vicious, to be used in our game. However, as an afterthought we realized that this would make a good product for other game developers that are using the same game engine (Torque) that the AI was programmed for.

We have signed an exclusive contract with GarageGames, the makers of the Torque Game Engine, to sell The Universal AI Starter Kit as a product in their developer's store. For anyone who is currently using Torque, or who is thinking about it, I recommend checking out The Universal AI Starter Kit as it is currently the best and most versatile resource for AI that is currently available to Torque users. And I can tell you that aside from its practical usage, it's just a lot of fun to mess with!

- False Prophet

Real Life Super Villains-

I recently heard about an interesting and growing phenomenon involving people donning costumes and becoming Real Life Superheroes. Although very entertaining on its own, this idea naturally caused me to wonder whether there existed an evil equivalent to these RLSH (besides yours truly, of course).

One rather Villainesque organization which seems to be committed to playing an adversarial role against these heroes is R.O.A.C.H. (ruthless organization against citizen heroes). They definitely seem to have the whole "league of evil" thing down; complete with branding, recruitment and official roach merchandise. You have to admire that.

On a more serious note, we have two lists of real criminals who would seem to fall under the category of "super villain" much more than would your average street thug. This first list features seven very famous historical bad guys and provides us with some possible comparisons to fictional super villains. - The Top 7 Real-life Super Villains of All-time

Incidentally, my favorite here is number one: Spring Heeled Jack. Although he's often featured in the volumes of parapsychology and related material, he certainly resembled a real life super villain; assuming that he actually existed, of course. This next list- 5 Real World Criminals Who Were Certified Super-Villains , consists of more recent criminals, a few of whom I had never heard of before.

Despite the content of the two lists above, I would like to point out that Twisted Jenius does not advocate, approve of or otherwise recommend criminal activity of any kind. Of course you know that our reasons for taking this position are purely self-serving and have nothing to do with a concern for morality. Plus, let's face it; most criminals are utterly worthless and unproductive idiots anyway. To paraphrase Howard Scott- "A criminal is a person with predatory instincts, who lacks the means to form a corporation." I agree completely. The most successful villains are the ones who manage to keep their evil just this side of legal.

- False Prophet

Evil Shop-

You know, if this whole "Internet" thing doesn't pan out, perhaps we'll try opening up a physical, evil storefront.

I always found this clip from The Simpsons "Treehouse of Horror III" to be very inspirational in pursuing an evil business. Remember; "the Frogurt is also cursed".

I remember watching that when it originally aired and thinking "I want my own 'One Stop Evil Shop'". And it appears that I may not have been the only one who was thinking that.

Here's a dark little shop that I stumbled across, which seems to be in the same vein. It's called The House of Oddities. At Twisted Jenius, we support the small evil-business owner.

- False Prophet

Villain Gaming-

As you may have discerned from several of our Evil Rants, we hear at Twisted Jenius are into video games (and we're about to get even more "into" them, but you'll find out what I mean by that, soon enough). So, seeing as how this is the week of E3, I thought that we'd bring you a few Villainesque offerings from the gaming universe.

First we have a virtual booth featuring new additions to the Overlord franchise. Considering that we are talking about a game where you are obviously a villain who commands hordes of evil minions, it's really difficult to be much more Villainesque than this!

Next we have an evil-themed game developer, Supervillain Studios. I'd say they have the right idea. And finally, we bring you a gaming news sites which has a bit of Villainesque flair, Evil Avatar (I personally don't think that gaming avatars should come any other way).

And if that's not enough Villainesque action for you, check out this Star Wars: The Old Republic trailer (you can never see it too many times; the Dark Side compels you!).

- False Prophet

Villainesque Webcomics-

This may come as a bit of a shock, but there are other villain themed webcomics besides Villains & Heroes: Illustrations of Immorality out there. And perhaps even more surprising, some of these are actually pretty entertaining. I'm normally not the type to assist the competition, but I'm going to go ahead and offer you a couple of my personal recommendations (we villains should stick together... for now, Muahahaha!).

First we have The Antagonist, a cynical and subtly humorous webcomic about a villain who must deal with some of the more cruel and mundane elements of life. Villainy isn't always about dark, gaudy costumes and secret lairs, but as Neil Zawacki once said- "Listen, if being evil was easy everyone would do it".

Next we have Evil Inc., a comical look at the business of villainy. It goes without saying that we here at Twisted Jenius are great fans of corporate evil; so we may be a little bias in matters pertaining to malevolent industry.

And speaking of our personal bias and malevolent industry, you're going to be receiving a new installment of my favorite Villainesque web comic next week. Enjoy!

- False Prophet

The Elrod House-

As some of you know from my Landscapes rant, I enjoy interesting environments. And what's better than an interesting environment? An interesting, evil environment!

So, as you can imagine, I was very pleased to come across this home which is definitely fit for a villain. In fact, it was actually used as a villain's lair in a Bond movie; it's hard to get more Villainesque than that!

Aside from being featured in a memorable fight scene, in a 007 film, this house is also visually and architecturally unique; as it was designed by a one time protégé of Frank Lloyd Wright (and it was used in several Playboy photo shoots as well).

Below I provide two links to articles about this residential masterpiece known as "The Elrod House". All I can say is: "I want one!"

- False Prophet

Villain Links-

Here are two more villain links that we will be adding to the Villainesque page in the near future.

The first is Villain Abode, and it is slated as "the biggest and most in-depth villain index on the web". It's certainly the largest that I've seen (and, if you'll pardon me for saying so, I do consider myself a bit of an authority on the topic; it's kind of my thing). I was actually impressed by the massiveness of this index as well as its attention to detail. It has obviously required a lot of work to put together. I'm definitely sensing a genuine commitment to villainy here.

Next we have a site that is still a-work-in-progress, but one that I have high hopes for. In fact, it's designed to always be "in-progress"; it's a Wiki! Villains Wiki, to be precise. Go check it out and see if there's any villainous information that you would like to contribute. The presence of evil continues to further manifest itself on the Internet and as always, Twisted Jenius will be right there with you to enjoy it!

- False Prophet

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