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The Elrod House

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The Elrod House-

As some of you know from my Landscapes rant, I enjoy interesting environments. And what's better than an interesting environment? An interesting, evil environment!

So, as you can imagine, I was very pleased to come across this home which is definitely fit for a villain. In fact, it was actually used as a villain's lair in a Bond movie; it's hard to get more Villainesque than that!

Aside from being featured in a memorable fight scene, in a 007 film, this house is also visually and architecturally unique; as it was designed by a one time protégé of Frank Lloyd Wright (and it was used in several Playboy photo shoots as well).

Below I provide two links to articles about this residential masterpiece known as "The Elrod House". All I can say is: "I want one!"

- False Prophet