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Villain Gaming-

As you may have discerned from several of our Evil Rants, we hear at Twisted Jenius are into video games (and we're about to get even more "into" them, but you'll find out what I mean by that, soon enough). So, seeing as how this is the week of E3, I thought that we'd bring you a few Villainesque offerings from the gaming universe.

First we have a virtual booth featuring new additions to the Overlord franchise. Considering that we are talking about a game where you are obviously a villain who commands hordes of evil minions, it's really difficult to be much more Villainesque than this!

Next we have an evil-themed game developer, Supervillain Studios. I'd say they have the right idea. And finally, we bring you a gaming news sites which has a bit of Villainesque flair, Evil Avatar (I personally don't think that gaming avatars should come any other way).

And if that's not enough Villainesque action for you, check out this Star Wars: The Old Republic trailer (you can never see it too many times; the Dark Side compels you!).

- False Prophet